The Raging River Brass generally perform anywhere from 30 minutes to a whole evening (45-60 minute sets with 10-15 minute breaks between sets). There are occasional short performance exceptions - Star Spangled Banner at sports events for example. Arts festivals and fairs typically are around 45 minute performances. The Raging River Brass provides performances and educational demonstrations for grades K - 12 and also plays at senior centers throughout the Puget Sound Region.

Fees for performances of Raging River Brass vary depending on the venue and performance circumstances. Concert and convention venue performance fees are $360 for the first hour of performance with a fee of $300 per hour for each additional hour. Raging River Brass does some reduced fee and pro-bono performances for not-for-profit organizations, senior centers and schools, and events when all other services (caterers, guest speakers, tent/canopy providers, etc.) are provided at reduced fee or pro-bono.